Take a unique break and cool down in the atmosphere of the historic district of Alanya Kaleici. Kızılkule - one of the tourist attractions of a Turkish resort. We can see this view by going to the top of the castle, which is located on a peninsula rising about 250 meters from the sea. The construction of the Red Tower was carried out by Anatolian, Seljuk Sultan Ala ad-Din Kay Qubadh I, and was completed in 1226
Walking along the Turkish streets, you can feel that time has stopped at some point?

But this is only the first impression because when visiting Alanya and Avsallar it is worth remembering that in the middle of the 20th century it was a modest fishing village.

Over the last several decades, it has grown to become the most important Turkish resort.
The beautiful beaches along the Mediterranean coast are both a blessing and a curse for Alanya.

A blessing, because holidaymakers who come to the city contribute to its development and increase in wealth. A curse because the invasion of thousands of tourists stripped Alanya of its aura of uniqueness.

It has become another place of mass relaxation, with discos that play music the same as in Warsaw or London, and restaurants serving typically British or Scandinavian dishes.

Fortunately, Alanya has not completely lost its charm, you just have to look for it carefully, abandoning a sunbed on Cleopatra's beach or the privacy of an all-inclusive hotel.

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