Paweł Sierpiński

Paweł Sierpiński, born on June 30, 1993. I come from Przemyśl, a beautiful city located in the south of Poland, close to the beautiful Bieszczady mountains.

My first steps in the media and camera operation date back to 2011. Then I started organizing LAN tournaments for fans of the cult online game Counter-Strike. It was during the organization of LAN events that I grabbed professional equipment for the first time. Despite this, I started learning about photography in 2019, and a year later I started showing my work.

I like challenges and have a passion for being creative and using my creativity in all the things I do; I believe that this goes hand in hand with thinking about new and innovative ways to implement the project and opportunities for continuous professional development.

The reliable Panasonic LUMIX still supports me at work and travels. That's why on my website and in social media you will see materials that were created with Lumix.

Author of the project Man in yellow jacket

Man in yellow jacket is a project created at the beginning of 2021.

Unique places in a climatic style, trying to preserve the human element. Throwing inspiration into the lens matrix, I show my artistic vision.

The rising mist sharpened the gray reality. On that day, there was nothing to encourage communing with the world. The streets were completely empty. It had its advantages. I could focus on the here and now. The smell of damp asphalt mingled with wet leaves. I took a few deep breaths and felt inspired. I looked through the lens, but saw only darkness. Today even the trees looked as if their soul had been taken away. I shivered. I wanted to be home again. Coming back, I felt extreme emotions. The unpleasant weather made me depressed, but on the other hand I was glad that I overcame my inner opposition, went out for a walk and took this photo.
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