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Paweł Sierpiński (Born on June 30, 1993), is a Polish fine art photographer from Przemyśl, a beautiful city located in the south of Poland, close to the beautiful Bieszczady mountains.

I like challenges and have a passion for being creative and using my creativity in all the things I do; I believe that this goes hand in hand with thinking about new and innovative ways to implement the project and opportunities for continuous professional development. 

Project founder Man in yellow jacket - this is a project that was created in early April 2022. Unique places in a climatic style, mysterious, trying to preserve the human element. Throwing inspiration into the lens matrix, I show my artistic vision.

My work has been appreciated, among others, by: SEAT & CUPRA Euromotor, BOSP, PGD Poland, LAOWA, Peak Design, DUA Clinic, Tarion, DJI Poland, Lumix & Panasonic Netherlands, Lumix Español, One Eyeland, 35Awards, Pindle Poland, Visit Netherlands, FotoAmatorzy, It's a Kind of Magic, Gramet-Hydro, Itsakindofmagicnl, The Grinding Company, Extremerails Poland, Lowrance Poland, North Silver Poland, Wanted SK, Gemeente Woerden, De Utrechtse Waarden, Routebureau Utrecht, Provincie Utrecht, Polish Motorcycle Group in Benelux.
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