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Paweł Sierpiński (Born on June 30, 1993), is a Polish fine art photographer from Przemyśl, a beautiful city located in the south of Poland, close to the beautiful Bieszczady mountains.

I like challenges and have a passion for being creative and using my creativity in all the things I do; I believe that this goes hand in hand with thinking about new and innovative ways to implement the project and opportunities for continuous professional development. 

Performs various photo sessions, incl. Portrait, commercial, interior, reportage, street photography. But I also adapt to the client's needs and due to the type of contract, my work does not always end up in the public portfolio. I also use my experience as a drone operator for various types of cooperation. 

If necessary i creatin content for brand accounts on social networks, help in creating websites.
I offer a full film service - in the air and on the ground - I am a licensed UAV pilot, authorized to film from the air.

Project founder Man in yellow jacket - this is a project that was created in early April 2022. Unique places in a climatic style, mysterious, trying to preserve the human element. Throwing inspiration into the lens matrix, I show my artistic vision.

My work has been appreciated, among others, by: SEAT & CUPRA Euromotor, BOSP, PGD Poland, LAOWA, Peak Design, DUA Clinic, Tarion, DJI Poland, Lumix & Panasonic Netherlands, Lumix Español, One Eyeland, 35Awards, Pindle Poland, Visit Netherlands, FotoAmatorzy, It's a Kind of Magic, InIjsselstein, Gramet-Hydro, Itsakindofmagicnl, The Grinding Company, Extremerails Poland, Lowrance Poland, North Silver Poland, Wanted SK, Gemeente Woerden, De Utrechtse Waarden, Routebureau Utrecht, Provincie Utrecht, Polish Motorcycle Group in Benelux.
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